Vickie Guerrero Addresses Fake Quote About Dominik Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero

2 months ago by Liam Winnard

Vickie Guerrero Addresses Fake Quote About Dominik Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero WWE

Vickie Guerrero has taken to Twitter to address false stories of a quote about Dominik Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero that has been going around.

For a few days now, a quote has been doing the rounds on social media – allegedly a comment from Vickie Guerrero’s Facebook account, but it was pretty quickly debunked as being fake.

Unfortunately, the quote still picked up steam and was shared around by some pages as if it was real.

The alleged quote was Vickie (not) saying:

“I’m tired of hearing Dominik compared to Eddie he will never be Eddie in any way shape or form its plain disrespectful.”

Vickie herself has now taken to Twitter to clarify that the quote above did not come from her.

She tweeted:

I never said this about Dominick or stated any comparison between Eddie and him. @wrestlelamia you misquoted me…..I have supported @DomMysterio35 & @RheaRipley_WWE on their work at WWE!

Dominik and Rhea’s antics have pushed Judgment Day to become one of the most over acts on WWE TV throughout the past few months.

Even though they’ve been kept apart for a while, the assumption would have to be that we’ll get Dominik vs his father Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania in April.

Vickie Guerrero is still the manager of Nyla Rose and Marina Shafir in AEW, who have mostly been used on Elevation and Dark for the past few months.

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