VIDEO: MJF Hits Phone Out Of Fans Hand During AEW Dynamite Exit

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

VIDEO: MJF Hits Phone Out Of Fans Hand During AEW Dynamite Exit AEW

UPDATE: The original user has since deleted their TikTok. Other users have shared the footage with new audio. 

A POV video has emerged of MJF slapping a phone out of a fans hand on his way out of the arena during AEW Dynamite.

On Wednesday’s (June 1) show, MJF cut a passionate promo on his grievances with AEW and Tony Khan. While the TV segment ended with the broadcast cutting to commercial, CM Punk came out from the back to confront MJF during the break, but the AEW original fled through the crowd before Punk could reach him.

Following the show, footage emerged of MJF appearing to strike a phone out of a fan’s hand while leaving.

Tiktok user whereishec91 has also shared a POV video of the encounter, claiming to be the fan in question.

The response to the incident has been mixed, with many believing MJF went too far, regardless of whether Wednesday’s in-ring segment was a work or shoot.

You can get caught up with all the facts on the MJF & Tony Khan ongoing saga by clicking this link.

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