VIDEO: Street Profits Emotional Promo After Split Teased During WWE Raw

10 months ago by Andy Datson

VIDEO: Street Profits Emotional Promo After Split Teased During WWE Raw WWE

Over the past few weeks, WWE has done its best to try and convince us that at some point in the near future, the Street Profits will no longer be a tag team, with Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins possibly going their separate ways.

Whether this actually happens is anyone’s guess. What it means for both men if they do break up is also not clear, although many believe Montez Ford especially has the potential to become a main event singles star in WWE one day.

Following last night’s (August 1) episode of Raw, which saw Ford lose to Seth Rollins, the duo cut an emotional promo, which WWE has posted on Twitter.

Before the Ford vs Rollins match, Ford and Dawkins agreed to see which of them would face Rollins by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. However, Ford just ran to the ring with the referee and left Dawkins hanging instead of playing the game to decide fairly.

As you can see, WWE is doing everything to persuade us a break-up is coming, and WWE isn’t known for its subtlety, so maybe we really are seeing the final few weeks of the Street Profits as a tag team.

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