VIDEO: Taz Comments On Team Taz Dissolving

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

VIDEO: Taz Comments On Team Taz Dissolving AEW

Taz has released a new video on Twitter, sharing more thoughts about the end of Team Taz after he announced their disbandment on AEW Dynamite.

After Powerhouse Hobbs stunned fans when he turned on Ricky Starks two weeks ago, on last night’s AEW Dynamite (August 3) Taz announced that Team Taz was DONE!

While he issued some comments last night on social media, he took to his Twitter account again today to upload a video elaborating on his sentiments.

In the clip shared to his Twitter account, Taz said:

“This is not a sad thing, this is a good thing… Hobbs, Hook, Starks, all three of these men will kick ass and flourish in their own way, I firmly believe that… I want them to have their time and that’s just how I believe and it worked for my group to have a “manager,” I’m not one of these guys who has to chirp, chirp, chirp with the guys.

“I’m a broadcaster, I’m a commentator, I’m not a manager, I can do it obviously but my main role is a color analyst, that’s what I do.”

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You can check out the entire clip from Taz’s Twitter below!

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