Hilarious Pitch For Vince McMahon To Sing Black Eyed Peas Songs Revealed

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Hilarious Pitch For Vince McMahon To Sing Black Eyed Peas Songs Revealed WWE

Throughout the many years of WWE, there are many stories about pitched storyline ideas that sound too ridiculous to believe.

From Heidenreich being a frozen Nazi, to Steve Austin being named ‘Chilly McFreeze’, the cutting room floor in WWE creative meetings seems like a gold mine.

It was recently reported that WWE had pitched for the Rock to return and win the 2023 Royal Rumble match, setting up a clash with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 next year.

This report was noted in a tweet by Bleacher Report, which caught the attention of former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz.

Seemingly trying to quell the rumours, Gewirtz detailed two insane pitches that were made during his time as WWE’s head writer.

One pitch was for Kaval (Low Ki) to be revealed as the Undertaker’s long lost son, but the other pitch he revealed was even funnier.

He claimed that it was once pitched for Vince McMahon’s character to have a midlife crisis, grow a beard, start wearing Hawaiian shirts and sing songs from the Black Eyed Peas.

He tweeted:

Things “discussed” in my time at wwe:

Vince having midlife crisis, growing beard, wearing Hawaiian shirts and singing Black Eyed Peas songs

Kaval being Undertakers secret long lost son

Cena losing to Bray Wyatt via singing possessed child… wait, that one actually happened

I got that Boom Boom Pow, pal!

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