Vince McMahon Blames Brock Lesnar For Dropping Ratings

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Vince McMahon Blames Brock Lesnar For Dropping Ratings

As you will have seen, since Raw and SmackDown started being empty arena shows, the weekly ratings have significantly dropped.

This was to be expected. You can make the in ring action or storylines and gripping as you like, but the lack of atmosphere has clearly put some fans off.

However, according to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, the lack of fans has nothing to do with the drop in ratings. It is in fact Brock Lesnar’s fault for not being WWE Champion anymore.

Speaking during the Q1 Investors’ Call yesterday, Vince said:

“As far as ratings are concerned, SmackDown has virtually been no change, very little. Raw has suffered, but not necessarily because of the environment. It’s suffered because we bring in a lot of new talent to Raw and it takes a while to get new talent over. We no longer have Brock Lesnar, obviously, but we have a new champion and a lot of new performers coming in… I’m convinced the Raw ratings will bounce back considerably.”

Nothing like giving your new champion and new stars confidence by blaming them for your falling ratings. They must be very grateful for his kind words.

It’s also important to point out that Raw’s ratings were already dropping even when Brock was champion, so it’s not the most valid excuse.

As you can see, Vince is confident the ratings will bounce back before long, but if they continue to drop at this rate, could we see Raw drop below 1.5 or even 1 million in the coming months?

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