What Changes Vince McMahon Made To Last Night’s WWE Raw

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What Changes Vince McMahon Made To Last Night’s WWE Raw WWE

A new report has revealed what changes Vince McMahon made to last night’s WWE Raw following WrestleMania 39.

The show saw multiple late changes made to the script, including two run sheets being handed to production during the first hour of the show, and Seth Rollins seemingly being informed of changes to his segment while he was in the ring.

Fightful Select (subscription required) has provided an update on the changes made by McMahon on last night’s show, noting that Vince McMahon was in gorilla position throughout the show and made numerous changes, even while the show was on the air.

Production and talent were getting instructions as the show went on the air, including the aforementioned Seth Rollins in-ring segment.

Omos vs. Elias was also a late addition, and several things that were originally planned for the show didn’t end up happening.

The report notes that Omos was in catering, and wasn’t planning on wrestling, then the late change happened, and there was a scramble to make sure he had gear to compete in.

An old Vince McMahon rule was to always bring your gear, and always stay until the end of the show, largely because he was constantly changing things. There were also talent that was scrambling to do last minute shoots.

There were backstage elements, including Cody talking on a phone, and an lWo-Bad Bunny integration that were also changed, but we’re not sure if those were Vince McMahon changes.

The decision for Brock Lesnar to “team” with Cody Rhodes was solidified by Monday morning. Lesnar went on to turn heel and betrayed Rhodes with a vicious beatdown to end last night’s Raw.

As previously reported, the report has also revealed the backstage reaction to Vince McMahon’s changes to the show.

We will have further updates and news in regards to this story when they become available

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