Report: Vince McMahon Changing WWE ‘Promo Wordings’

Report: Vince McMahon Changing WWE ‘Promo Wordings’ WWE

You know I’m starting to think maybe Vince McMahon and Triple H weren’t really telling the truth when they said Vince wouldn’t have that much impact on the creative side of WWE.

However, since he grew that moustache, Vince appears to have had quite a lot of say in terms of what happens on his TV shows, and according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, his influence is once again reaching his talent’s promos.

Writing in the Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports:

McMahon is the one in charge of the company so what he wants is what will happen, but at least for now the creative team is going to mostly be in charge except for whatever Vince wants.

Time will tell how deep that will be, but when it comes to the top of the card stuff, ultimately they are doing what he wants. But we do know of some minor things on the show, including promo wordings, that were changed this week so the influence is there.

Well I for one am shocked. In fact I’m so shocked that my midsection is hurting, and I need to check myself into the local medical facility.

Since the Raw after WrestleMania – which McMahon took over because he was there – he’s not been backstage at any shows, but has been in creative meetings and made minor changes, but reportedly nothing major.

There were many changes that had to be made to the latest episode of Raw, but they were because of some big travel issues with many of the wrestlers, rather than because of Vince being Vince.

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1 year ago by Andy Datson


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