Vince McMahon Discusses WWF Lawsuit, Changing To WWE

Vince McMahon Discusses WWF Lawsuit, Changing To WWE WWE

Vince McMahon publicly addressed the WWF lawsuit that led to the company’s change to the “WWE” name.

Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, McMahon was asked about the lawsuit that made his promotion change their name from WWF to WWE.

McMahon stated:

“The panda got us to a certain extent, because the World Wildlife Fund, which I didn’t even know existed… That was a no-win lawsuit for me because you’re being trialed in England where they (the judges) wear the wigs and all that kind of stuff. And I wouldn’t fit in that environment, so I just said, okay, we’ll change it. And it was pretty easy to do because it was like, ‘Hmm, how am I going to change it?’. It took about 30 minutes at the most, ‘I know what I’ll do – I’ll get the F out’. That’s what we did.”

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As previously mentioned, Vince McMahon also addressed why he prefers the term “superstars” over the word “wrestlers” in the same interview.

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