Vince McMahon Doesn’t Consider AEW Competition

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Vince McMahon Doesn’t Consider AEW Competition

In today’s (July 29) WWE second quarter 2021 earnings conference call, Vince McMahon gave his true opinion of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

Earlier today, WWE announced its financial results, reporting that company revenue was $265.6 million for the quarter.

PWInsider revealed that during the conference call, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asked about his thoughts on AEW investing in talent. McMahon stated that he doesn’t consider AEW competition the way he considered WCW competition back in the day.

WWE President Nick Khan added that he and WWE see every form of entertainment as competition, opposed to one specific company.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful confirmed McMahon and Khan’s comments, tweeting:

“Vince McMahon says he isn’t sure what AEW’s plans are, and wouldn’t consider them competition the way WCW was back in the day. He doesn’t consider this competition the way Ted Turner came at WWF with all their assets

“Nick Khan says he and WWE don’t look at any specific organization as competition when asked about AEW. They see sleep and every form of entertainment as competition

“Vince McMahon on AEW: ‘I’m not sure where their investments are. When it comes to their talent, perhaps we could give them some more'”


It is interesting to hear how WWE views AEW on a corporate level, especially following reports that CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are both AEW-bound.

While WWE management were reportedly more disappointed about Daniel Bryan joining the promotion, WWE network partners were reportedly shocked that AEW could sign CM Punk.

It was recently revealed that the July 28 AEW Fight for the Fallen show drew over 1 million viewers.

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