Vince McMahon Insane Net-Worth Increase Revealed

Vince McMahon Insane Net-Worth Increase Revealed WWE

The insane increase to Vince McMahon’s net worth has now been revealed, following his return to WWE.

Following his retirement announcement in July 2022 amid an investigation into ‘hush pact’ allegations, Vince McMahon returned to the WWE board of directors earlier this month.

Vince now acts as the WWE executive chairman.

Per Forbes, as of Monday (January 23, 2023), Vince McMahon was worth $3 billion. This means that Vince is currently ranked #1016 on their real time list of billionaires.

This is a significant increase from his #1397 ranking on the 2022 billionaires list with a $2.2 billion worth then.

Several big names have finished up with WWE since Vince’s return, including his daughter and former co-CEO & Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon, who publicly announced her resignation on January 10.

In a recent interview, current WWE CEO Nick Khan noted that he was always working under the belief that Vince would eventually come back.

On January 15, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that Vince McMahon was back in his office and had been ‘suggesting changes’ to different departments.

On January 17, WWE made a new SEC filing stating that, as of January 16, Vince McMahon no longer needs stockholders’ approval for his actions.

There has been much speculation that Vince McMahon was looking to sell to a party that would commit to keeping him in charge of the company despite the multiple sexual assault allegations that have surfaced in the past year that led to his initial ‘retirement’ in July.

Paul Levesque (Triple H) told WWE talent in a meeting before SmackDown on January 13 and before Raw on January 16 that nothing would change on the creative side of things and he would still be the person heading that up.

He did say he and McMahon ‘may have discussions’, but Levesque is the one making final decisions.

However, it’s worth remembering that WWE did hold a meeting with employees (not talent) a week earlier and the message was ‘business as usual’ and that no management would be changing, and then Stephanie McMahon resigned just days later, so it seems even what’s being said in the meetings is a fluid situation and things may change.

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