Vince McMahon Told Released WWE Star: ‘Holy S**t, You’re F**king Ripped!’

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Vince McMahon Told Released WWE Star: ‘Holy S**t, You’re F**king Ripped!’

Former WWE star Kalisto, who was released by WWE earlier this year, has spoken about Vince McMahon telling him he was “f**king ripped”.

Kalisto had a lengthy absence from WWE between December 2019 and August 2020, and when he returned, he was in noticeably better shape than he had been previously.

According to Kalisto, even Vince McMahon was impressed. Speaking with Lucha Libre Online, the former United States Champion said:

“Let me tell you the first reaction of Vince McMahon, I call him boss when he saw me back. I had finished doing a segment for the 24/7 Title and entered Vince’s office and there was a big meeting and I did not know there was a meeting, but I still went, ‘Nah, I’m going to get in’.

“There was a huge table and everyone was there, including Shane (McMahon), and I was like ‘Hey boss! How are you doing?’ because we had a good relationship. After I walked in, Vince immediately said this, ‘Holy s**t! You’re f**king ripped!’ My exact words after that were, ‘This is my I don’t give a f**k body’. I was ready and to roll and he continued to tell me that I looked really good. We had another meeting later and I accomplished what I wanted to do.”

Despite teasing a Lucha House Party split for a while, Kalisto’s final match was the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and he was released the following week.

Quote via Fightful/Luis Pulido

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