Vince McMahon SELLING WWE To Start XFL?!

Vince McMahon SELLING WWE To Start XFL?!

It was first reported last month that Vince was planning to relaunch the XFL – his failed NFL alternative that only ran for one season back in 2001. It’s considered to be McMahon’s biggest business failure, supposedly costing the company $70 million.

A WWE spokesperson issued a statement in response, revealing Vince was personally funding a new company called Alpha Entertainment “to explore investment opportunities across the sports and entertainment landscapes, including football.” This new company then filed five different trademarks of ‘XFL’, and then Vince reportedly sold about $100 million worth of WWE shares – which many are speculating is to fund the revived football league.

In Brad Shepard’s original report breaking the XFL news, he tweeted McMahon “may announce it on January 25th, 2018. That is, of course, today.

With an announcement possibly pending, Sports Illustrated are reporting Vince’s WWE future was a much-talked about topic backstage at Monday’s 25th Anniversary episode of Raw – and how he might sell the company all together.

Play me off, Johnny!

Justin Barrasso writes “The Fox Entertainment Group is interested in purchasing WWE, which should come as no surprise because WWE programming is so valuable.” Fox owner Rupert Murdoch has a fair bit of spending money after Disney bought the bulk of 21st Century Fox from him last month for $52.4 billion, and they would possibly be looking to put WWE programming on their Fox Network channels. WWE’s TV rights deal with the USA Network expires next year.

Sports Illustrated add that WWE is “adding no new major expenses”, which could mean they’re positioning themselves for a sale.


The possibility of an XFL revival might have you grabbing the nearest stranger, and screaming in their face: WHO’S THE PRESIDENT?! WHAT YEAR IS IT?!

It appears it’s a problem Vince is wrestling with too, as he showed in his birthday wish to his best friend forever:

The problem with McMahon’s well-wish is that Patterson isn’t 80, as WrestleZone’s Nick Hausman pointed out, quoting Chapter 1’s first line from Pat’s book:

“I was born January 19, 1941…”

Making Patterson 77 years old last Friday. Which reminds me…


…what day is it? Move aside generic smartphone calendar app! has a dedicated poll…

Rusev Day WWE Poll 1

Rusev Day WWE Poll 2

Rusev Day WWE Poll 3

23% of people are wrong.

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