Real Reason Vince McMahon Kicked Shane McMahon Out Of WWE

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Real Reason Vince McMahon Kicked Shane McMahon Out Of WWE

Shane McMahon is out of WWE, and it seems there have been a lot of issues between himself and his dad Vince McMahon backstage.

Speaking on the matter, Wade Keller of PWTorch noted things got very heated between Shane and Vince at the Rumble, and that the relationship between the two men has been strained for some time.

Keller said:

“Things really unraveled with him and his dad on Saturday. Things were not good, according to what I heard.”

Keller echoed much of what has already been reported by other outlets, but added Shane consistently disagreed with Vince’s booking plans for him, and eventually this led to all plans for Shane being cancelled.

“But the issue with Shane really got to the next level with Vince when it came to what was planned for Raw and that Shane had real problems with how he was going to be framed as he was going to be in the Elimination Chamber. And so, Shane disagreed with what Vince wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. It was laid out to Shane what the plans were and he didn’t like it, and he pushed back and that led to Vince just finally having enough and canceling all plans with Shane, everything that they have planned with him.”

Keller finished by saying Shane will likely be off TV and not involved with any WWE plans for a very long time. Keller said it could even be the “last straw”, so perhaps we’ll never see Shane on WWE TV ever again.

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