Vince McMahon Was Furious With Donald Trump For Trying To Outdo Him

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Vince McMahon Was Furious With Donald Trump For Trying To Outdo Him

During the build to the ‘Battle of the Billionaires’ match-up between Umaga and Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 23, Vince McMahon was allegedly furious with Donald Trump for trying to show him up.

MLW boss Court Bauer, who formerly served as a writer for WWE, revealed on Talk is Jericho that Vince McMahon wasn’t impressed with the coat that Trump was wearing for their segment, courtesy of WrestlingInc:

“Donald Trump was there doing the angle with Vince, and one night, we’re doing some sort of in-ring deal with Trump and Vince. And it was cold, and Donald Trump has that big winter jacket,” Bauer said. “He’s 6’4″ or something like that. He’s kind of a deceptively tall guy. They’re doing a promo, and Vince and him are going face-to-face as the ‘Battle of Billionaires’ thing goes down.”

“Afterwards, we’re in the limo and Vince is just livid. They get along great, but there’s that kindred spirit thing with them and everything. He felt like Donald had intentionally showed him up. He’s like, ‘Did you see that? He was wearing that jacket. Clearly his shoulder pad was stuffed to look bigger. It’s ridiculous.’ And he was really hot about Trump trying to look bigger than him.”

The relationship between Vince and Donald certainly hasn’t soured too much since this incident in 2007, as both men are still said to be close, and Linda McMahon has been a big donator to the Trump campaign in recent years.

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