Vince McMahon On Why He Launched WWE Network Despite ‘Great Offer’ From Comcast

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Vince McMahon On Why He Launched WWE Network Despite ‘Great Offer’ From Comcast WWE

During his appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Vince McMahon explained why he chose to launch the WWE Network, despite receiving a great offer from Comcast.

The WWE Network was launched in February 2014, ahead of WrestleMania XXX that April. The WWE Chairman has revealed that he initially chose to launch the streaming service instead of selling the video library so WWE would have creative control.

When Pat McAfee asked McMahon about the origins of the WWE Network, McMahon said:

“In that instance, really, we had a great deal that was given to us pretty much by Comcast. But, when you got into the lawyer stuff, the nitty gritty of it, they try to tie your hands in so much creativity, tie your hands in terms of owning you, and I’ve never liked that. So really it was more about creative control and having control of your own destiny. So that’s why we went that way.”

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NBCU Peacock is the current home of the WWE Network in the US. The latest WWE financial earnings call revealed that 3.5 million paying subscribers have watched WWE content on the streaming service since March 2021.

During the interview, McMahon also addressed the controversy surrounding WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, and revealed his favorite WWE moment.

You can find a full recap of McMahon’s appearance on the Pat McAfee Show at this link.

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