Vince McMahon Reveals Why He Chose ‘Stupendous’ Tagline For WrestleMania 38

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Vince McMahon Reveals Why He Chose ‘Stupendous’ Tagline For WrestleMania 38 WWE

In case you’ve not been paying attention, this year’s WrestleMania in Dallas is the most STUPENDOUS two night WrestleMania in history! Complete with the biggest match in WrestleMania history!

That’s a lot of branding, something that WWE and Vince McMahon love. Vince spoke during his appearance on the Pat McAfee show about the tagline, and why he went with ‘stupendous’.

He said:

“I love branding. We try to brand everything, and marketing, it’s just fascinating to do that. So you have to (think), ‘What makes this WrestleMania different?’ So, the word stupendous is not used very often. So when you’re hitting stupendous, it’s like, ‘Stupendous? What the hell is stupendous?’ A lot of people have to look it up.

“It sounds good, it sounds grand – ‘Stupendous!’ I haven’t used that word before and it’s not in everyday speak, stupendous is not in everyday speak, so that’s why, you wanna do something to get everyone’s attention.”

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During the show, Vince was asked about numerous topics, including WWE’s current relationship with Saudi Arabia.

You can find a full recap of McMahon’s appearance on the Pat McAfee Show at this link.

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