Vince Russo & Vince McMahon Had ‘Unfortunate Final Exchange’ Yesterday

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

Vince Russo & Vince McMahon Had ‘Unfortunate Final Exchange’ Yesterday

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo has claimed that he and Vince McMahon had an ‘unfortunate final exchange’ yesterday.

Russo’s time with WWE divides opinion and he continues to be a controversial topic of conversation to this very day, and speaking of conversation, it sounds like he and McMahon have had their last.

Russo tweeted:

After knowing Vince McMahon for 30 years & having great success w/him during my time at WWE–yesterday he & I had our FINAL EXCHANGE. It’s an unfortunate story & sad in many ways, but, Closure is good. Not ready to discuss now, but I will be. Where?

Vince Russo remains involved in wrestling commentary online, with his takes often being as divisive as his booking was back in the day.

While it kind of looks like he just wants to plug his website, maybe there’s something to his story.

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