Von Wagner “Doesn’t Give A S**t” About Maxxine Dupri

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

Von Wagner “Doesn’t Give A S**t” About Maxxine Dupri WWE

In a backstage segment, Von Wagner addressed Sofia Cromwell abandoning the Robert Stone brand and frankly my dear, he doesn’t give a s**t!

NXT 2.0 addressed the sudden call up of Sofia Cromwell on last Friday’s SmackDown (July 22) as she debuted as Maxxine Dupri, seemingly taking over the managerial tasks of another NXT alum, formerly known as LA Knight but recently billed as Max Dupri, for Maximum Male Models.

As Robert Stone discussed Solo Sikoa’s challenge to Von Wagner for next week’s August 3rd edition of NXT 2.0, he reminded Wagner that his temper had “already run off Sofia…” to which Von Wagner replied sternly.

Von Wagner said: “If she wants to go off and be a model, I don’t give a s**!” and while the expletive was censored, his message was clear.

Von Wager is set to face Solo Sikoa in a falls count anywhere match next week (August 3) as their rivalry has become more violent and personal over the weeks.

Maxxine Dupri (and Sofia Cromwell for that matter) are technically undefeated in 2022 because they have yet to have a match!

You can check out all of the win/loss records for the NXT 2.0 roster by clicking here. 

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