Are Da Vinki Twins AEW’s Answer To Logan Paul In WWE?

Are Da Vinki Twins AEW’s Answer To Logan Paul In WWE? @VorosTwins/WWE

With popular influencer Logan Paul rocketing to the main event scene in WWE, has AEW answered with TikTok stars the Da Vinki twins?

If you didn’t know who Logan Paul was before he came to WWE, chances are you may have not heard of the Voros Twins either but the viral sensations are indeed very popular.

Chris and Patrick Vörös are Canadian content creators and just happen to also be professional wrestlers.

While they may boast moderately high follower numbers on both Twitter (150k) and Instagram (159k) it seems the duo has found a solid following on TikTok with nearly 3 million followers.

With signature tans and platinum blonde hair, it seems the TikTok twins are quite popular and have numerous catch phrases.

Including their alternate moniker, Da Vinki twins in homage to their viral clip where when asked who painted the Mona Lisa they responded, “Da Vinki!

Regardless of the medium, the pair seems relatively positive, fun loving and likely fully stocked with hijinks.

While Logan Paul notably had not competed in any other professional wrestling settings prior to his WWE debut, the Voros Twins are no stranger to the independent circuit wrestling across North America and Europe.

While they wrestled one match on AEW Dark Elevation airing Monday, it isn’t currently known whether or not we could see them appear again in AEW but they certainly created a buzz.

Confirming their appearance by numerous social media snaps, they’re already promoting the appearance to their millions of fans!

WWE continues to bet heavily on their highest profile influencer acquisition, Logan Paul as he is primed to take on Roman Reigns at next month’s premium live event, Crown Jewel for the top prize in WWE.

You can read all about WWE’s premium live event live from Saudi Arabia, Crown Jewel, by clicking here. 

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