WALTER Opens Up About Survivor Series 2019 Loss

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

WALTER Opens Up About Survivor Series 2019 Loss

WALTER has discussed his shocking defeat at Survivor Series 2019, opening up about his brief WWE main roster run.

Ahead of Survivor Series 2019, the dominant NXT UK Champion WALTER wrestled twice on Raw, representing the Gold Brand.

WALTER was unsuccessful in both these matches, before being pinned in the five-on-five-on-five match at the pay-per-view, less than three minutes after the opening bell.

Speaking with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, WALTER explained that he doesn’t usually enjoy wrestling multi-man matches. Arguing that taking the pin didn’t hurt his momentum, WALTER said:

“First of all I’ve said it before I’m like a basic wrestling guy, I like a one-on-one or I like a tag match or a six-man tag. But I don’t like three ways and I especially don’t like three ways when it’s a team of five on each side. That’s first of all, those circumstances aren’t very enjoyable for me.

“In regards of the match, it was what it was but I think people still talk about it so it’s still memorable and the reactions I got from let’s say the main roster audience was like even though I was in front of them for the first time were very positive in my direction and that stayed in the heads of a lot of people.

“So I don’t think it hurt me at all because it didn’t change me or didn’t change who I am. I don’t know, I wasn’t bitter about anything like that. I watched Survivor Series as a kid many, many times and if I never make it back I at least was in Survivor Series once so that’s something to be happy about. But no, at the end of the day it is what it is and there are no ill feelings towards it.”

WALTER recently claimed that he has not spoken with WWE about a Raw or SmackDown move, and he’s currently happy competing for NXT and NXT UK.

WALTER has held the NXT UK Championship for over 860 days. He is set to defend the gold against Ilja Dragunov at NXT TakeOver 36 this Sunday.

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