WALTER Discusses Whether He Wants WWE Main Roster Call-Up

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

WALTER Discusses Whether He Wants WWE Main Roster Call-Up

NXT UK Champion WALTER has discussed whether he would want to move to the US permanently and be called up to the WWE main roster.

It’s been said a lot that WALTER is someone who wants to remain close to his family in Europe and has been against the idea of moving to America, which is something that was brought up in a new interview with talkSPORT.

The Austrian explained:

“That’s not a scenario I’ve talked about with them. I don’t know. I’m happy in the situation I’m in now. I’m the only guy who holds a European championship in WWE and I’m a representative of European wrestling. To be authentic with that, I’ve kind of got to live in Europe if that makes sense (laughs).

“Going forward, nobody can stay on top forever. At some point, that’s the nature of it. Nobody did that before (being unbeaten forever), so we’ll see what the future brings.

“For now, I focus on being the NXT UK Champion and I have a big match coming up with Ilja (Dragunov) on Sunday and the outcome of that is going to decide which direction I go in my future, so I can’t even make any assumptions or speculations myself.

“So it’s not something I spend too much time thinking about to be honest.”

WALTER has competed on one main roster pay-per-view in the past, which was Survivor Series 2019 on team NXT, but he was the first man eliminated from the match despite probably being the most over with the crowd.

In the same interview, he revealed who he thinks is the best wrestler in the world, which you can read about at this link.

Dragunov suffered a nasty injury against Roderick Strong on NXT last night but WWE has confirmed the TakeOver match is still planned to go ahead.

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