Was The Money In The Bank Main Event Changed?

5 years ago by Andy Datson

Was The Money In The Bank Main Event Changed?

Money in the Bank 2018 finished with Braun Strowman standing tall with briefcase in hand, a surprising but perfectly acceptable end to a perfectly acceptable show.

But if the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is to be believed, the men’s ladder match was not the original plan as the show’s main event. Originally, we were going to see Alexa Bliss standing tall with the Raw Women’s Championship after cashing in on Nia.

The plan was for Ronda’s first ever title match to main event the show, and for the surprise cash-in from Bliss to give the crowd a heel pop to end the night.

This was however ditched pretty quickly and they opted for the safer babyface route of having Braun’s win as the final act.

I for one would have much preferred the women’s match to finish, as putting the cash-in before the men’s match even started seems, at least in my eyes, to devalue the women’s briefcase and belt a bit.

“Yeah that was all great, but looks at all these big men, aren’t they more important?”

Maybe I’m just being too sensitive…


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