Watch As Cathy Kelley Gets Emotional As Triple H Wishes Her Farewell

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Watch As Cathy Kelley Gets Emotional As Triple H Wishes Her Farewell

As has become the norm after NXT TakeOver events, Cathy Kelley hosted an interview with Triple H after last night’s sensational Portland show.

This interview was extra special as it will be the last time we see Kelley as an interviewer for WWE. Cathy revealed earlier this week that she would be leaving the company after TakeOver: Portland.

After speaking about what was a brilliant TakeOver show, Triple H thanked Cathy Kelley for her four-years of loyal service to the company. He told her that this “isn’t a goodbye but a see you down the road”.

Cathy clearly got slightly emotional while Triple H was speaking about her. “The Game” said he was proud of her for following her dreams.

Then in a moment that will likely have many wrestling fans very jealous, Undisputed Era inducted Cathy Kelley as an unofficial member of their faction.

The four men then presented Cathy with gifts and some flowers to thank her for her work within the company.

After working for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and AfterBuzz TV, Cathy was signed to WWE in February 2016. She has been one of the company’s best and most passionate backstage interviewers during her time with WWE.


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