Watch Sami Zayn Meet Jake Paul & Logan Paul Ahead Of WrestleMania (VIDEO)

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Watch Sami Zayn Meet Jake Paul & Logan Paul Ahead Of WrestleMania (VIDEO)

Just in case one Paul wasn’t enough for you, WWE has now gotten Jake Paul involved in the Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens saga ahead of WrestleMania.

The storyline is that Sami Zayn has been trying to recruit Logan Paul into believing his conspiracy theories, but Paul simply isn’t buying it.

In a new video shared by WWE on social media, Zayn visited the Paul brothers’ gym in Miami, Florida, and neither brother seemed impressed.

After Zayn proposed the three of them should spar together, he left to get something from his car, but security locked him out of the gym completely.

Logan Paul is set to play a role in the Zayn vs Owens match at WrestleMania, and it seems likely we’ll see him align with Owens and turn on Zayn.

Jake isn’t being advertised so it appears this short video was his only involvement. He’s already drawn a lot more criticism in the replies than Logan did, and Logan was already getting his fair share.

Zayn has tweeted in character that the footage was edited, writing:

WTF! This footage is purposely misleading! Where’s the footage of our intense sparring session? Where’s the footage of Logan giving that security guard hell for that mixup? Where’s the footage of the hearty laughs we shared at lunch? Conveniently left out by the hacks at @WWE!

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