Watch WWE Camera Botch During Raw

2 years ago by Nate

Watch WWE Camera Botch During Raw

WWE broke out some new 8k cameras on SmackDown last Friday night. While those cameras make the entrances look incredible, they can still be pointed at the wrong things at the wrong times.

During a backstage segment, Matt Riddle was talking some trash to The Hurt Business. Lashley decided to stomp on Riddle’s foot to get revenge.

Apparently, the cameraman thought he was really going to stomp it. So, he put the camera where their feet would be in view. Watch Lashley miss by a mile and Riddle sell it anyway.

This wasn’t the only camera botch of the night. Mace and RETRIBUTION’s entrance featured a random WWE staff member in the camera shot.

There was also some odd camera work during an Asuka promo. They also cut away from the WrestleMania commercial before it was over.

Vince will surely be upset about the mistakes.

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