WBD’s Reaction To CM Punk & AEW Falling Out Again Ahead Of Collision Premiere

2 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

WBD’s Reaction To CM Punk & AEW Falling Out Again Ahead Of Collision Premiere AEW

The reaction from Warner Bros Discovery regarding the latest reported falling out between CM Punk and AEW has been revealed.

As emerged yesterday, CM Punk was all set to be included in all the announcements for the new AEW Collision show, but was removed at the last minute.

PWInsider reported this was because of another falling out, this time over the return of Punk’s long-time associate Ace Steel.

AEW was reportedly willing to rehire Ace Steel, but not allow him to be backstage at AEW shows in person, which Punk disagreed with, because he wants Steel backstage.

This is reportedly what led to another falling out and Punk was removed from all the Collision promotional material, except WBD accidentally left him on an email, hence how the story that he was originally supposed to be involved got out.

WBD then issued a statement addressing the situation saying “CM Punk is not affiliated with TNT’s AEW Collision”.

Tony Khan appeared on AEW Dynamite last night and announced upcoming dates and locations for Collision, but did not announce the location of the premiere on June 17, instead saying that’ll be announced next week.

The premiere was planned to be at the United Center in Chicago and based around Punk’s return, but that is obviously uncertain now, so the idea seems to be that Khan has given himself an extra week to figure out whether to commit to it being in Chicago or not.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer commented on what he’s heard from people at WBD about the situation, saying:

“From the WBD side – because nobody from the AEW side has talked about this at all, nor confirmed any of this – from the WBD side, they have said that their belief is that there will be an attempt to work it out.

“They’re hopeful that they work it out, that it’s not a dead deal.”

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In the midst of all this coming out, CM Punk vaguely commented on the idea of rumors about him surfacing – find out what he said at this link.

We’ll keep you posted with all further updates on the situation.

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