What Would Happen If Tony Khan Left AEW?

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

What Would Happen If Tony Khan Left AEW? AEW

Here’s what would likely happen if Tony Khan were to leave All Elite Wrestling.

The AEW President has gained popularity as a promoter since AEW’s inception. Also a key figure for AEW creative, Khan’s absence would definitely be felt if he was to move on from the promotion.

On the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer discussed the possibility of Khan’s departure, following former WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s retirement.

Explaining why AEW would most likely be sold following Khan’s departure, Meltzer said:

“It would be interesting because they would have to probably sell. And the most likely buyer would be Discovery, but Discovery might not want to buy. Because Discovery’s got their earnings call tomorrow by the way, which is gonna be very newsworthy. They’re doing a lotta, lotta, lotta cuts. They’re not looking at spending money on programming. And that’s very unfortunate for AEW.

“I would say that the most likely thing would be to sell to a television station that would provide the programming, and be kinda like the Sinclair thing (with ROH). And it’s probably not a good thing at all. I think it would be very, very bad.

“In many ways he’s (Tony Khan’s) the key guy in wrestling, because if something happens to anyone in WWE, Nick Khan or whatever, they’re just gonna put another person in there.

“If there’s a new owner, they’re gonna put one of their executives in there most likely.

“From a temporary basis, the key guys would be the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega – they’re the Executive Vice Presidents.”

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Khan currently owns both AEW and Ring of Honor. ROH recently held its second event under the Tony Khan banner, Death Before Dishonor. The July 23 event was headlined by an epic 2/3 falls bout between

Discussing the possibility of a weekly show for the promotion, Khan indicated that he’d want ROH to secure a TV deal with Warner Bros Discovery, which owns the networks that AEW Dynamite and Rampage air on.

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