Bad Bunny Gets Involved In Match At WrestleMania 39

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Bad Bunny Gets Involved In Match At WrestleMania 39 WWE

Find out everything that happened during the ultimate spanking, Rey Mysterio finally taking on his son Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 39.

Ahead of the match, Bad Bunny appeared and joined the Spanish commentary team (which would become integral later!)

Dominik appeared after a prison vignette where he came to the ring with prison guards and debuting a new lucha mask of his own.

Not to be outdone, Rey Mysterio made his own big entrance as he rode into WrestleMania 39 with a very famous friend.

Cruising into WrestleMania 39, Rey Mysterio was in a low rider piloted by Snoop Dogg with an homage to Eddie Guerrero.

At ringside, Rey was also joined by the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamojis who were there to support as well.

Throughout the match there was hard hitting action, including both Dominik’s Mom and Sister at ringside involved in angles including Dom’s real life Mami finally slapping him across the face.

In the final third of the match after a thunderous 619 followed by Frog Splash from the top rope, Dominik seemed poised to win however Rey would not stay down.

When Dominik tried to use a chain planted in the corner by Damian Priest to take out Rey, Bad Bunny had seen enough!

Springing into action, Bad Bunny snatched the chain from Dominik leading to Rey Mysterio being able to pick up the pinfall victory after hitting his own big 619 followed by Frog Splash from the top rope.

As previously reported by Fightful, there is set to be an angle going forward between Dominik Mysterio and Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny has been announced as the host of the WWE Backlash event in Puerto Rico on May 6.

The LWO, formerly known as Legado Del Fantasma, had also come out to help Rey during the match and fight off the rest of Judgment Day.

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