What Happened With The Bloodline On SmackDown June 2

What Happened With The Bloodline On SmackDown June 2 WWE

With Roman Reigns’ big celebration central to tonight’s episode of SmackDown, what happened tonight with The Bloodline in WWE?

With the 1,000th day Championship celebration interrupted by the Usos, Roman Reigns was left to meet face to face with Jimmy Uso after his stunning betrayal last week.

With Jimmy and Jey Uso coming to the ring to confront Roman Reigns about his manipulative and abusive ways.

Pleading with Solo Sikoa, Jimmy told his youngest brother that Roman would use him and abuse him as he had done them until he was no longer useful, encouraging Solo to stick with his ‘actual’ brothers.

While Solo then seemingly stood up to Roman, backing his brothers and joining them on the other side of the ring, the harmony between brothers wouldn’t last.

After Jey encouraged the Bloodline to come back together, as they’re stronger together than apart, Roman and Jimmy hugged only for Roman to say, “No.”

Stepping away, then Solo Sikoa delivered a vicious Samoan Spike to Jimmy Uso as Roman then left the ring with Solo in tow.

As they got the entrance ramp area, Paul Heyman asked Roman Reigns what about Jey? and Roman replied that Jey will do what he always does, Jey will come home.

The show ended on Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa on one side with Jimmy and Jey Uso still in the ring, befuddled.

Elsewhere during the segment, Roman Reigns was presented with a new Championship title by Triple H. Click here to read more about that. 

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4 months ago by Amanda Savage



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