Here’s What MJF Did On Tonight’s AEW Grand Slam

Here’s What MJF Did On Tonight’s AEW Grand Slam AEW

With AEW holding it’s AEW Grand Slam event tonight, many wondered how MJF would make his presence felt, and he made sure to do just that.

MJF interrupted an interview with Wheeler Yuta, telling him he’ll never receive a reaction like MJF did, and it’s because he’s a god to these people, and is a generational talent.

Wheeler then said that MJF is a generational talent, and he is the king of the low hanging fruit. Wheeler then says that MJF’s fiance is going to walk out on him just like he walked out on AEW.

MJF said he came out to wish Wheeler’s friends in the main event good luck, because they’re fighting to lose the world title to MJF. MJF then referred to William Regal ‘popping pills’, before Wheeler hit him, and MJF shoved him and Schiavone to the floor.

Wheeler then jumped MJF before W Morrissey pulled him off, allowing MJF to hit him with the Diamond Ring.

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1 year ago by Connel Rumsey



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