What Precautions Is WWE Taking To Make Sure Talent Is Safe?

What Precautions Is WWE Taking To Make Sure Talent Is Safe?

It was reported earlier today that WWE will tape more shows from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week for SmackDown and Raw.  It is also being reported that WWE will take over a hotel to ensure WWE employees are quarantined from the outside world while taping.

Some might say that’s not enough. WWE is going a step further this time for the tapings.

The current plan is WWE will be changing the ropes, turnbuckles, aprons, and canvas after every match, according to PWInsider. They are also planning to do a complete sanitizing of the WWE Performance Center as they work.

For certain, the PC needs a washdown after the Edge and Orton match. I’m pretty sure they touched every surface in the building during their match that seemingly lasted for 2/3rds of the quarantine.

The article makes no mention of how WWE is getting around the stay at home order in Florida. Stay tuned to WrestleTalk for more late-breaking news on WWE’s tapings.

4 years ago by Nate



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