Mysterious QR Code During WWE Raw Reveals More ‘White Rabbit’ Clues

Mysterious QR Code During WWE Raw Reveals More ‘White Rabbit’ Clues WWE

More clues were revealed by following a QR code that briefly flashed during WWE Raw which could possibly explain the emerging ‘White Rabbit’ mystery.

On Austin Theory’s way to the ring, a mysterious QR code appeared on WWE Raw screens.

When fans scanned the QR code, they’re sent to a WWE website that plays a very interesting video!

First a white rabbit appears with the phrase, ‘Feed Your Head’ and after you hit play, the rabbit falls into a puzzle by way of a game of Hang Man.

The puzzle appears where the question to be solved is, “Who killed the world?”

While the letters are being selected, the letters chosen spell out DEMON before the puzzle continues to come together, with the answer being revealed as “YOU DID.”

Then a little white rabbit keeps hopping around and an alternating reading of an alarm clock saying 9:23 that lights up in both blue and white.

Hmm, we’ll have to stay tuned to find out on Friday, September 23 on WWE SmackDown perhaps?

WWE has been raising eyebrows since Friday’s edition of SmackDown where it was noted that Jefferson Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ played with red light effects during a commercial break.

The same song played with red lights (ending on a flash of purple) then occurred at house shows over the weekend in both Bakersfield and Oakland, CA and again tonight during a commercial break in San Jose.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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