Here’s Who From WWE Contacted Tony Khan About AEW Stars Appearing On WWE Raw

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Here’s Who From WWE Contacted Tony Khan About AEW Stars Appearing On WWE Raw WWE

Here’s who from WWE contacted Tony Khan about AEW stars appearing on Monday’s (June 27) edition of WWE Raw.

On the show, video messages from AEW names Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho and Paul Wight (Big Show) celebrating 20 year of John Cena aired.

Following reports that AEW President Tony Khan simply approved WWE’s request for these stars, Dave Meltzer has stated that Bruce Prichard had reached out to Khan about clips from Danielson, Jericho, White and Mark Henry in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“The basic story behind this is that on 6/24, Bruce Prichard called Khan and asked about having clips from those three guys as well as Mark Henry for Raw for Cena’s 20th anniversary. Khan felt that it sounded like they were doing a good show and it was a nice deal, and that he and everyone has a lot of respect for Cena.

“He said he was fine with it but it was up to the talent if they wanted to do the videos. Megha Parekh of AEW contacted the three wrestlers and told the that Khan was okay with it, but they also had to be okay with it, and they were all okay with it. Henry filmed one but it didn’t air on Raw.”

Tony Khan and John Laurinaitis have spoken with one another about WWE projects with AEW stars in the past. Prichard is notably acting as the interim Head of Talent Relations, with Laurinaitis currently on administrative leave in the midst of allegations and investigations that you can read full details on at this link.

You can read a list of every law firm currently investigating WWE right here.

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