Will Ospreay Comments On Reaction To AEW Dynasty Match With Bryan Danielson

Will Ospreay Comments On Reaction To AEW Dynasty Match With Bryan Danielson AEW

Will Ospreay has commented on the crowd reaction in St. Louis to AEW Dynasty dream match against Bryan Danielson.

At AEW Dynasty 2024, Will Ospreay defeated Bryan Danielson to win their first time ever encounter. Before the two men locked up, the raucous St. Louis crowd were on their feet and going crazy for both men. They continued that same energy for the 30 minute-plus bout.

On April 22, Will Ospreay took to social media to post a clip of the opening standing ovation for both men and explained what it meant to him as a newly signed AEW star. He wrote:

I wish you guys could see my point of view.

I could’ve stood opposite someone that I look up to and idolise and you guys could’ve just been silent.

Instead you gave us this type of reaction & respect before we even did anything. I’ve never truly felt before.
In return we have to give you nothing short of our best.

It took so much of me to leave Japan to fully commit to America and a lot of it is anxiety. But this felt like you left the key under the mat and welcomed me into your home.

I can’t begin to tell you all the gratitude I feel towards the fans, roster, crew & Tony to be apart of this.

Next up: Double Or Nothing !!

Will Ospreay has showed off some battle scars from his bout against Bryan Danielson, which you can see and read more about here.

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