William Regal Breaks Silence About Rumors Regarding His AEW Departure

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

William Regal Breaks Silence About Rumors Regarding His AEW Departure WWE

William Regal has broken his silence about the rumors regarding his departure from AEW in a new series of Tweets.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Lord Regal himself spoke out.


“There’s seems to be a lot of news about me getting spread around.There’s enough people who really know me (although they are few as trust is a big issue with me) who know the truth.Unless you hear it from me directly it is at best second hand information…..

“….unless you hear it directly from ME it is either wrong or someone’s interpretation of what is really going on. And that means EVERYTHING that is being said about me from every “source”. That goes for ANYONE SAYING they have spoken or know me. A still tongue keeps a wise head!”

There have been a lot of rumors going around about William Regal and his departure from AEW.

While Tony Khan officially commented on the departure on the ROH Final Battle media call, there have been since further reports regarding Regal’s return to WWE.

With some even going so far as to report a job title he will be serving as in the company, we may all be well advised to heed the words of his Lordship.

A still tongue keeps a wise head indeed!

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