William Regal Details His ‘Final Match’ Against Sami Zayn

William Regal Details His ‘Final Match’ Against Sami Zayn

William Regal wrestled his last match on WWE television against Cesaro on an episode of NXT back in 2013, and then served as the brand’s general manager until his WWE release in January of this year.

Regal recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho, where he spoke about his match with Cesaro, as well as the match he considers his actual final match, against Sami Zayn in Dubai.

He said:

“For whatever reason, there came a point where I got to wrestle Cesaro. And going into that, I had to get into… I didn’t look great, I’d got withered arms by then. I knew I had a bad neck, but didn’t realise how bad. Really didn’t realise how bad.

“I’m the only wrestler in the world, as far as I know, who’s got four disks fused. Usually it’s two-to-three. A bad one’s three, I’ve got four. So, I had a match with Cesaro, again, somebody who I’ve known for a long time, and think the world of. Got to put him over. ‘Right, time to go’. That wasn’t actually my last match, because the following year, in 2014, we went to Dubai to do a tryout, and Sami Zayn came with us. And at the end of the tryout – because pretty much everybody that was there, none of them had ever seen wrestling, pro-wrestling.

“At the end of this tryout, I thought, ‘Well let’s give them a flavor’. Because I felt a bit froggy, you know. And Sami Zayn was there to help because he speaks Arabic. So he was the person I took with me, and I always got on very well with Sami from when I first met him in Toronto. He came as an extra, and he hadn’t gotten his mask on, but I knew who he was.

“So I had a match with Sami, and that was actually my last match. In Dubai in front of about 30 people at a tryout.”

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Regal told a lot of fascinating stories on his time on Talk Is Jericho, including an incredible tale of how he put together the WWE United Kingdom Tournament.

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