William Regal Details Injuries Towards The End Of His Career, Match With Bryan & Vince’s Reaction

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William Regal Details Injuries Towards The End Of His Career, Match With Bryan & Vince’s Reaction

William Regal has provided details on several injuries that he suffered towards the end of his career.

In an interview on Talk Is Jericho, new AEW signee William Regal revealed details on injuries towards the end of his in-ring career and a match with Bryan Danielson late in his run.

Regal detailed:

“I did a match with Bryan, I don’t know how – it was when I wasn’t really wrestling. We did a match on Superstars. We wrestled each other in England, or in Europe, I couldn’t believe it, I was getting two weeks with Bryan, we went out and tore it up every night. The night before the TV, we were in Birmingham, and he gave me that dropkick in the corner, and my good knee, I tore the meniscus in it, but I knew I was on with him the next day. And I was gonna go out, because I thought, ‘This is it’. I know that my neck’s not right, not long before that I’d tore my pec and my other bicep which I never got fixed.

“We got back from Europe at some point and I was in a – now I could have this in a bit of a wrong order – but I was on Raw in a battle royal, and it was Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, and I had to knock them both out. And I never clothesline people, and I clotheslined both of them out, and I felt just ‘rip’ – my left pec just ripped and my left bicep ripped.

“Once I tore my meniscus in my right leg, but the next night I’m on with Bryan. They were going, ‘No you can’t wrestle, you can’t wrestle’. I said, ‘No, I wanna put him over because he’s the person who’s stuck around me and listened to all my nonsense for the last… and called me and sent me his stuff and I’ve sent him to places and put good words in for him and whatever else. If there’s one person I wanna have my last match with, it’s him’. So, if you watch that match, you will see me walk down to the ring, they actually played a rib on me and played my old Man’s Man music halfway down the ramp, and I’m glad because they had to help me in the building that day. I couldn’t walk.

“If you watch that match, it’s 17 minutes of him carrying me because I can’t walk… (audibly tears up)… he did a masterful job, he actually even wrestled and did stuff on my leg without bending it. And if you know that, and watch what a masterful job he did with carrying me, and it even looked like he bent my leg around the cornerpost, and never (did). We went out there, I was happy, put him over, ‘Hopefully somebody is gonna pay attention to this because this lad’s something special’. They already were. But it was just my little thing – ‘I’m done now’. Because I was already doing bits of commentary, that’s it I’m gone.”

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Regal continued on to reveal how Vince McMahon reacted when he came back from the match:

“I came back and Mr McMahon was there, he watched Superstars, and he was right there to meet us, and he shook our hands, and Bryan walked off, and he went, ‘Thank you very much, that was a good old proper wrestling match. That lad’s gonna make a good villain isn’t he’. Because we were in England, people were (on Regal’s side), the kind of reactions I used to get. I don’t know why, well I do know why, because I think people always knew they were in on the ride with me. They always knew I wasn’t this character I used to play, this Disney villain, pantomime villain as I used to be, and we’ve done enough stuff that you know what that is – but this character that I used to play, or still play if I have to, and turn into it in a blink of an eye.

“So they were booing him when he was doing it, so Bryan turned it up, and just snarled a bit and did his thing, and Mr McMahon said, ‘He’s gonna make a good villain’. And it’s funny because I don’t know if Bryan even knows that. And then two months later they started turning him villain. I was really happy that I’d done that for him.”

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As previously mentioned, William Regal addressed a multitude of injuries that he had suffered throughout his career, including losing his vision in an accident in Costa Rica.

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