William Regal Recalls Cancelled Plans For Feud With Kurt Angle

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

William Regal Recalls Cancelled Plans For Feud With Kurt Angle

William Regal recalled a lot of memories from his storied professional wrestling career on a famous podcast this week.

Speaking on the Talk is Jericho podcast, former NXT general manager William Regal revealed that there were plans for him to enter into a program with Kurt Angle however it never came to pass.

Regal telling Jericho of the plans that never came to fruition:

“I had one torn bicep from two-thousand-and… actually I remember when it was because it was two weeks after 9/11 when we did that show at the Garden for all the families. That was the only time that I wrestled a singles match with Kurt Angle. We were supposed to go into a program together and that was the first match we did, and I did a thing where when I used to grab somebody by the back of the trunks and the neck, and I’d throw them against the bottom rope from the outside so they’d spring off towards me so I could nail them. And as I did that, the right bicep just went ‘ping’, so I got through that match, but that gave me two or three weeks off. I wouldn’t get it fixed, I went back to work… Kurt had moved on. Just how it goes.”

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William Regal also shared stories about putting together tournaments in an incredibly short time frame, working in talent relations and the time he was told he only had 24 hours to live.

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