William Regal Recalls ‘Handing Over’ Second Mae Young Classic To Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb

William Regal Recalls ‘Handing Over’ Second Mae Young Classic To Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb

William Regal recalled a lot of memories from his storied professional wrestling career on a famous podcast this week.

Speaking on the Talk is Jericho podcast, former NXT general manager William Regal revealed that he ended up taking a hands off role in the second Mae Young Classic, instead volleying to two popular names to handle the finer details.

Regal spoke about putting together tournaments in an incredibly short time frame, and went on to elaborate more about how it was working backstage at that time, including a fascinating detail about the second Mae Young Classic, saying:

“There’s just these things that happen that were incredible things that we seem to pull off with a very few amount people. There was Canyon (Ceman) and Kristin Altman, who is a wonderwoman, a wonderwoman, the things that she does.

“At different times, Paul Fair and Camille Levin, people who helped Canyon, and me doing the wrestlers, that was it. That was talent relations. The most underfunded thing in the company doing so much stuff, and doing everything for everybody, and trying to get all these things and create all this content. Because it was about selling the Network, that was it.

“Cruiserweight tournament, whatever time I had to do that. ‘Right, yep’, got that done. Mae Young, ‘Yep’, got that done. Second one, I handed a lot of that over to Sara Del Rey and Serena (Deeb). I said, ‘Bring me in if you need me, but you take the role on this because it’s your thing. I don’t need any thanks for anything, you take that over’.”

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William Regal has returned to wrestling screens with his debut in All Elite Wrestling at AEW Revolution. Regal has entered into a program with the duo of Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson by which they’ve formed an alliance to mentor younger members of the AEW roster, teasing that they could take over all of the championship titles.

You can view all of the title history for All Elite Wrestling here.

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