William Regal’s Son Charlie Dempsey Debuts On NXT 2.0

9 months ago by Amanda Savage

William Regal’s Son Charlie Dempsey Debuts On NXT 2.0 WWE

On tonight’s episode of NXT 2.0 (August 30) William Regal’s son going by the moniker Charlie Dempsey, made his in-ring debut.

While using the wrestling moniker, Charlie Dempsey, he is in fact the real life son of WWE legend and current AEW star, William Regal.

Charlie Dempsey popped up last week (August 23) in a segment with Chase U where he was welcomed to teach wrestling however ended up choking out Bodhi Hayward, told Andre Chase that his class was soft and commanded the other students to “google Billy Robinson,” in reference to the wrestling legend.

With Wade Barrett on commentary mentioning Dempsey’s “snake pit education” and Vic Joseph noting “a lot of chatter” around him online, his paternal identity was not directly referenced.

Dempsey made his in-ring debut on this week’s August 30 edition proving to be a formidable foe against Andre Chase, showing off a lot of impressive offense.

In the end, Andre Chase was able to sneak out a victory over Charlie Dempsey.

Dempsey has arrived during a period of crossover seeing members of the NXT UK brand making their way to NXT 2.0 in advance of the future transition to NXT Europe in 2023.

NXT’s next premium live event, NXT Worlds Collide will see members of the NXT roster taking on NXT UK stars including two title unification matches.

You can find out all the details about NXT Worlds Collide by clicking here. 

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