‘Wives Of Wrestling’ Podcast Debuts February 7

‘Wives Of Wrestling’ Podcast Debuts February 7

While it seems like everyone in wrestling has a podcast nowadays, two more famous names are joining the ranks behind the mic: Giovanna Angle and Kim Orton.

Perhaps most well known as the wives of WWE legends Kurt Angle and Randy Orton respectively, the ladies are poised to try their hand at a new venture and recently spoke to Denise Salcedo about amongst other things, their husbands’ reaction to their new podcast, Wives of Wrestling.

Since Kurt Angle hosts his own podcast he is no stranger to the gig, Giovanna Angle said:

“Kurt knows me and Kim [laughs] they expect us to do something like this. The only thing that he advised me to do, is he said `I am friends with the boys, if you’re trying to do a podcast you gotta respect the business like I do. These fans are loyal so do not lose them and you gotta respect them… I want you guys to know that while we’re doing this podcast we’re not gonna throw our husbands’ friends’ families under the bus, this is not what this podcast is about. We are just gonna have fun, this is about our inside life stories, personal stories, and situations. It’s just a fun time, we’re gonna have shots, we’re gonna play some games, but this is not going to be a reality show where we’re gonna be talking crap about people’s lives and start like whatever, we’re not gonna do that. Our husbands are best friends with the boys, it’s their families, so we do want to make that known.”

With Kim Orton adding, “We’re not here to bash anybody, we’re just here to have fun.”

The podcast is scheduled to premiere on Monday, February 7, 2022.

Transcription via Fightful 

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