World of Sport Wrestling Return Confirmed!

World of Sport Wrestling Return Confirmed!

After a 30-year absence (and a one-off reboot in 2016) World of Sport Wrestling has been officially commissioned by ITV for a 10-part series.

The original popular ’80s show made huge household names of British stars such as Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy and Mick McManus. However, there is no word yet on who will be appearing on the rebooted show. But it does promise to showcase the best of the UK wrestling scene.

Tom McLennan, Creative Director of ITV Studios Entertainment said that it’s a revival long anticipated and coming at the right time in ITV‘s official press release:

“There is a massive indie wrestling scene in the UK and a strong nostalgia for the wrestling shows of our youth. WOS Wrestling will combine the best of the past with incredible talent available today to make a fun, exciting and thrilling show that the whole family can enjoy.”

The competitors will be fighting for the WOS Wrestling Championship and not only will there be action inside the ring, but outside of it as well. The show will include a high production value that will give it a similar feel to its American counterparts (which is not surprising really when you consider that they are still in partnership with Global Force Wrestling).

Filming starts next month at Epic Studios in Norwich. Tickets for the taping are available now and can be applied for at With the filming dates as follows:

Thursday, May 10 – shows at 6:30 pm
Friday, May 11 – shows at 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm
Saturday, May 12 – shows at 2:00 pm and 6:30 pm

This announcement has come at a great time. The British independent scene is at its all-time highest with promotions across the globe recognizing British wrestling. This could present itself as a great opportunity for guys and gals across the British isle to get the recognition they rightly deserve.


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