WrestleMania 39 Gate, Merch Figures & More Revealed

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

WrestleMania 39 Gate, Merch Figures & More Revealed WWE

No matter how much the finish to WrestleMania Night Two soured fan opinions, overall WrestleMania 39 was a ginormous success for WWE in nearly every conceivable way.

While Triple H touted the success of the event on Monday Night Raw, we now have a clearer picture of just how successful the weekend was for the company in comparison to last year’s WrestleMania in particular.

Dave Meltzer would detail some key figures from Hollywood in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required)

In terms of the nightly and combined gate for Mania 39, Meltzer revealed:

“The gate was $21.6 million, which would be $10.8 million per night, up from $8.5 million per night last year. The single event record remains $17.3 million at AT&T Stadium in 2016.”

Not only was the live gate a massive jump from last year’s Mania 38 in Dallas, but merchandise sales also saw a huge leap.

Meltzer added:

“Merchandise sales were up 20 percent from last year, meaning an increase in spending per customer since paid attendance was only up approximately five percent.”

Earlier, Fightful Select (subscription required) would reveal that Cody Rhodes was the leading merch seller of the Mania weekend, which presumably played a massive part in the success of this year, compared to last.

While merchandise saw a big jump, perhaps the biggest success came in the form of sponsorship revenue for the weekend, something that was clearly a massive focus for the company this year.

Multiple matches saw different individual sponsorship’s such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch for Dominik Mysterio vs Rey Mysterio, Mike Harder’s Lemonade for the Intercontinental Title three-way and Turbo Tax sponsoring both night one and night two’s main events.

Meltzer would detail just how much of. success these were for WWE:

“Sponsorship revenue was $20 million, which is impressive that probably by next year they will make more from sponsorships of WrestleMania than the live gate.”

Between WrestleMania 39’s record breaking success and WWE’s Endeavor sale and merger with UFC, this week has been perhaps the most newsworthy of any in the company’s history.

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