WrestleMania Moving To The Performance Center?

3 years ago by Tempest

WrestleMania Moving To The Performance Center?

Of all the possible outcomes for WrestleMania, this one feels like a stretch. However, WrestleVotes is reporting that moving the show to the Performance Center is an option, although not a popular one.

They tweeted the following earlier today:

“Mania relocating to the PC has very little support. Source says the support is coming from a high place however. I’m hearing the leading idea is a postponement, however, that is much harder than you can imagine. Uncharted waters here for WWE.”

Who exactly the support is coming from is not currently known. Given that it is reportedly coming from someone in a high place could shorten the list of possible people but this does not appear to be a popular option.

The upside to doing this would be the promotion not having to extend storylines for months. The downsides are obvious, as having the biggest show of the year in a small, empty building does not exactly scream “The Grandest Stage of them All”.

We do not know what the plan is for the show but we will continue to update you as more details become available.

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