Wrestlers Respond To Keith Olbermann’s Criticism Of Braun Strowman And Fox

Wrestlers Respond To Keith Olbermann’s Criticism Of Braun Strowman And Fox

Braun Strowman appeared on FOX during the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals broadcast earlier this week.  Braun Strowman was there to promote Smackdown’s move to FOX in October.

While Strowman was there to plug the show, he was also able to talk about his father who was evidently an incredible slow pitch softball player.  Apparently, the opinionated Keith Olbermann didn’t think FOX should have a wrestler on during the broadcast.

Olbermann is most famous for his time on Sportscenter with Dan Patrick.  However, he’s also know for being a bit hard to get along with and not being able to stay with a network for a long time because of his inability to keep his opinions to himself.

This time he took to Twitter to share his opinion of FOX and Strowman.

Many fans responded negatively to his post.  However, no one knows for sure exactly what he was responding too.  As you can see on the screen, FOX claims Braun has won 5 titles.

Technically, Braun only has 2 tag team title reigns to his credit.  FOX would have to include Battle Royals to get to five.

If he was just pointing out FOX’s counting mistake, then it’s probably no big deal.  Braun was able to shrug it off with a quick joke, either way.  However, Mark Henry didn’t take it that way or respond so kindly.

Apparently, Mark blames ESPN and wants repercussions for the remarks.  Apparently, Bully Ray agrees.

Personally, I think Braun Strowman probably has the right approach in laughing off the incident as no big deal.  However, ESPN does cover WWE pretty regularly.  So, it’s probably not the smartest thing to criticize the people you often cover for no reason.

4 years ago by Nate


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