Wrestling Legend Criticises WWE’s Hall Of Fame

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Wrestling Legend Criticises WWE’s Hall Of Fame WWE

WWE’s Hall of Fame has seen a change of presentation in recent years, swapping out a traditional award ceremony set up for a presentation that is much more akin to WWE’s TV product.

Inductees and inductors now give their speeches inside a WWE ring whilst the WWE talent and legends are seated on the entrance ramp rather than in the audience with the fans.

While this change has been in affect for a number of years now there is one particular member of the Hall has recently expressed their dislike for WWE’s current presentation of the ceremony.

Speaking on his KliqThis Podcast, two-time Hall of Famer Kevin Nash would explain why he’s not a fan of the new format.

Nash explained that the ceremony being more similar to WWE’s regular product takes away from the specialness of the ceremony itself:

“It just doesn’t feel, one of the things about the hall of fame it usually feels like an award show and this feels like a segment 5 on Raw.”

While Nash may not be a fan of the Hall of Fame, he was a fan of the controversial finish to WrestleMania 39, and has spoken of his desire to see Roman Reigns meet a significant milestone in his title reign, click here to find out more.

Transcript courtesy of InsideTheRopes.

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