WWE 2K Battlegrounds Matches And Modes Revealed

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Matches And Modes Revealed

Last year’s WWE 2k20 game was not well received by fans or critics. So much so that it led to the cancellation of the series in favour of the new WWE 2K Battlegrounds game. The new arcade-style game will change the vibe and gameplay of the series. Now we know what the modes and match types will be.

The game’s Twitter account put out a video where Paul Heyman broke down the matches and modes of the game. This included matches from Steel Cage and Royal Rumbles to brand new modes. Here is the tweet:

  • Campaign Mode: Heyman sells a new brand to Vince McMahon. Play as a rookie, win matches and unlock custom characters and interactive environments.
  • Battleground Challenge Mode: Create a superstar, play through 100 challenges to unlock in-game currency, playable characters, and vanity items.
  • Online Tournaments
  • King of the Battleground
  • One vs. One
  • Tag Team
  • Tornado Tag
  • Triple Threat
  • Fatal Four-Way
  • Steel Cage
  • Royal Rumble

Admittedly, it appears that there are only seven kinds of matches you can do in this new game. This is way below the amount from previous games. We will see if anything else gets announced but the tweet says “ALL the match types” pretty emphatically.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is expected to be released on September 18, 2020.

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