Updated Entrance Theme Added To WWE 2K23

4 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Updated Entrance Theme Added To WWE 2K23 2K Games

A popular star has had their entrance theme in updated in a WWE 2k23 video game update that includes a number of fixes.

As previously reported, Mia Yim will be available a free playable superstar in the upcoming WWE 2k23 1.10 patch, with Candice LeRae now joining her as free content.

It has also been confirmed that the patch will include updated music for Dana Brooke.

Despite WWE 2K23 being released in March 2023, Dana Brooke’s entrance had not been updated to include the theme she’s been using in real life since May 2021 – it still only had the pre-May 2021 theme.

The update suggests that WWE fans will finally get the music that Brooke has been using for the past two years.

In addition to the music change and two new playable characters, the WWE 2k23 official Discord confirms the following gameplay changes:


Addressed reported concerns where Superstars might warp or clip
Addressed reported concerns of reversals not triggering
Addressed reported concerns of managers not appearing for Player 2
Addressed reported concerns of users being unable to perform the Tombstone Piledriver
Addressed reported concerns of users ending up in an infinite run
Addressed reported concerns of jittering when breaking out of entrances
Addressed reported concerns of running springboards not connecting
Addressed reported concerns of limb damage not being accurate
Adjusted AI navigation
Addressed reported concerns involving Zoey Stark’s running knee when performed at ringside
An attacker will now properly fall through the top of The Cell during Suplex City.
Diving attacks on the announcers’ table can now be interrupted before the attacker climbs the top rope.
Adjusted the breakout timing on Leg Sweep 2
Re-implemented exhausted Finishers using the new Fatigue system


Improved stability in online matches
Improved overall experience when joining a session or accepting an invite
Improved overall experience with Community Creations uploads and downloads
Improved stability when using customized content in online matches
Improved experience when resetting teams or participants in online lobbies


Improved stability within multiple Create modes
Addressed reported concerns with the video preview within Create-an-Entrance.
Addressed reported concerns related to applying images, patterns, and movies in Create-an-Arena.
Created Championship names will now appear during in-game entrances
Addressed reported concerns of the color picker freezing in Create-a-Superstar
Improved overall consistency when creating custom arenas


Improved overall stability
Addressed reported concerns of certain trios transitioning to tag Create-a-Victory
Addressed reported concerns where deleting shows caused issues with Rivalry action.
Addressed reported concerns about the Rivalry actions menu appearing blank when editing an in-progress show.
Superstars that win the Royal Rumble will now properly be booked in a title match at Wrestlemania.
Naturally occurring managers will now properly appear on the match card


Addressed formatting when playing in Arabic
Addressed reported concerns of title belts not appearing consistently during entrances
Addressed reported concerns about display issues when using Contract Negotiation Power.
Added trophy silhouettes in Career Standing to make it easier to see how close a player is to getting to 10
Improved presentation of Rivalry level increase
Addressed reported concerns of official tag team partners not having good chemistry at all times
Addressed reported concerns of a crash when participating in a Season with a full roster of Created Superstars.


General fixes and improvements


General fixes and improvements

The patch is dated May 16 2023 and has an, at the time of writing, unknown download size.

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