Full John Cena WWE 2K23 Showcase Mode Match List

Full John Cena WWE 2K23 Showcase Mode Match List WWE/2K

With WWE 2k23 only a month away, a new showcase mode has been revealed that will focus on John Cena and some of his key rivals.

2K Games have revealed that WWE 2K23’s Showcase will be an “interactive sports documentary that covers pivotal moments in John Cena’s 20-year WWE career.”

The details from 2K Games state:

“See John Cena.

“Beat John Cena.

“Be Even Stronger than John Cena.

“Those three phrases exemplify what players will be tasked to do in WWE 2K23’s Showcase, the interactive sports documentary that covers pivotal moments in John Cena’s 20-year WWE career.

“In a franchise first, fans will get to step into the shoes of some of his key rivals in an attempt to take down Mr. HUSTLE, LOYALTY, and RESPECT.

“Players had a brief taste of what is to be expected with our Even Stronger announce trailer and now we’re ready to dive in a bit more with some new, key details.”

The announcement trailer can be found below this news story.

2K Games would explain that the mindset for the new Showcase era is to move away from the repetition of “playing as the same person for 12, 15, 20 matches”.

They built from the idea of Cena facing his opponents, with the player being those opponents, with the thinking of “What if we pick matches where Cena lost?”

With the familiar catchphrases of “HUSTLE. LOYALTY. RESPECT” AND “NEVER GIVE UP” playing large in the history of Cena, 2K Games stated:

“And we thought that it would be a really cool story to tell, of John Cena’s struggles and failures, of his lowest moments, and how important falling short in those instances was to his greater career.

“We felt like it would be a great way to show the full story of John Cena’s journey, as many fans tend to think of him as someone who maybe didn’t have it as difficult as others; that he didn’t have to fight for what he wanted, didn’t have to learn difficult lessons. And we knew that this wasn’t the case.”

It turns out that John Cena loved the idea and was excited to bring “NEVER GIVE UP” to life, which 2K Games have done through the Showcase mode.

WWE 2K23 is due for release on March 17, with early access to Deluxe and Icon owners on March 14.

The full match list for the John Cena Showcase can be found by hitting “next page” below.

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